Hope: The Prix Pictet Exhibition

29 June – 21 September

Eretz Museum
2 Haim Levanon Street
Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv

Prix Pictet is the world's top photography prize for sustainability. Its objective is to draw worldwide attention to issues threatening humanity and the world, and it achieves this objective through the power of photography.

As part of Muza's international season, marking the tenth anniversary of the proclamation of Tel Aviv as a Global City, Eretz Museum presents the best photographs from the winners of Prix Pictet in an exhibition Hope. After premiering at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, this exhibition set out on a tour in selected galleries and museums around the world.

The series of photographs by photographers from all over the world that were selected to participate in the exhibition highlight progress and positive change in the struggle to save the Earth. The photographs reveal moments of victory in the struggle against hardship, successful attempts to repair and restore the world of nature, and ways in which a mood of optimism can push us in the direction of change.

"I am no stranger to solitude and the effect it has on me and my practice as an artist. Separated from others, I was very aware of the feelings that arose in me from the forced distancing and shocked at how quickly my surroundings, which were until that moment a safe place, became quickly alienating and unsafe to me. Another human being becoming a threat, an enemy, a carrier of a deadly disease. I began thinking about the importance of touch and how the lack of it produces a yearning for connection.

I approached this work with the guts of solitude, melancholy and longing as well as a realisation that this time in history is bigger than just this virus. This event is willing us as human beings to collectively move towards balancing our indiscriminate use of nature’s resources. This is not a warped reality; it is just reality and it comes out of man being out of balance with nature."
– Nadav Kander